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Basic terms

A window treatment shade in its basic terms is a spring cord pulley system that allows you to raise and lower a window covering shade. There are a wide variety of different types that you can choose from like roller shades to cellular shades to natural shades like bamboo or other natural fibers. 888-272-1113


Styles and combinations

With so many different styles and combinations you might have to do a little research on your options and know what your specific needs are for a window shade. The first to start with is how much light control and home privacy are you trying to achieve, decide whether you're trying to control nighttime privacy or daylight heat and glare or maybe you need a combination of the two.


Best of both

To have the best of both worlds you can start with a light filtering shade for protection against the sun and in the evening you could add curtains or some draperies that will give you the privacy. Two shade options like pleated shades and roller shades can give you the option of being installed from bottom up giving you privacy during the day and allow the sun to shine through the top. If your window shade is going to be used quite often then you should make sure you have a pulley or operating system that is easy to use.

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Discover a window shades style that works for you from Window Shades Guys

You can find a numerous amount of shade styles and colors from window covering manufacturers. These window shades start from being a very distinctive character style and then you will find some that can blend in perfectly depending on the trimming or the fabric of the window shade treatment.

Window Shades installed by Window Shades Guys

An example: an appearance of a contemporary look would be with the use of a pleated shade or either as cellular shade, reason for this is because of the fabric that is gathered on the bottom of the shade. If you're trying to create a softer look and appeal you may consider the cloud or the balloon shade, remember that there is a big impact with colors on your window treatments. By using geo-metrics and solids you will create a new tailored look and style than if you were to choose to use flora’s and lace fabric for the window shade treatment.

Which mounting style will work for your window shade?

Window Shades Guys knows all shade styles can be designed to be mounted on the inside of the window frame or either the outside of the window frame. With this in mind you'll be able to decide on the overall appeal that you are trying to accomplish, depending if it's for decoration or you need a shade that is very practical. When you use the inside mounting shade a top window treatment should be used like a swag or a valance. If you would like more control on the window you could add a curtain or a heavier drapery to it.

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